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Is Study Abroad a Good Investment?

Most students returning from study abroad report a common experience: an increase in self-confidence and maturity. Initial feelings of timidity and a lack of confidence give way to exploration and interest in new cultural values. Experience teaches what textbooks cannot. Many of those life-changing experiences are gained from learning how ...

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Baby Einstein No Help in Latest Study

Recently educational DVD’s for toddlers have come under fire. Providing more evidence that toddler educational DVD’s are not effective is a recent study which purports that watching Walt Disney’s Baby Wordsworth DVD – a part of its Baby Einstein series – does not improve the language skills of toddlers. This ...

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Chinese Language Instruction on the Rise

Education, foreign policy and global business experts are bemoaning the news that thousands of public schools have dropped foreign language instruction within the last ten years. With one notable exception – the Chinese language. Chinese language instruction has actually bucked the trend and is on the increase in all parts ...

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Is Wikipedia Dying?

Started eight years ago as a ‘side project’ by Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia receives more than 300 million visitors each month, making it the fifth most popular website in the world. Yet its contributing authors, its very lifeblood, are leaving in droves. The number of contributing writers is decreasing at a ...

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Colleges React to Cash-Strapped Students

As parents of college age students tighten up their budgets, colleges and universities are responding in some creative ways. One East Coast liberal arts college has taken on the slogan “Home of the Guaranteed Job” and gives free classes or student loan payments to any graduates who do not find ...

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Why Teachers Quit

  One top reason why teachers leave the profession is their lack of mastery in one of the basic skills necessary to be successful in the field: effective management of student behavior. Although basic classroom management is taught in teacher preparatory classes, few college graduates leave their education classes with ...

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Why Your College Degree Is Getting Devalued

In United States society today there is an abundance of college graduates. A bachelor’s degree is just not that rare anymore. To make matters worse, many college graduates have incurred large debts due to needing loans for tuition. Why is there an abundance of college graduates? Some experts contend that ...

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Creative Solutions to Educational Budget Cuts

We have already reported that many state universities and community colleges are attempting to function with smaller education budgets by decreasing staff numbers, increasing class size and drastically reducing financial aid, if not eliminating it altogether. Educational analysts are now saying that the institutions that react in such shortsighted ways ...

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4 Great Jobs for College Students

Here are four jobs that college students should consider worth their time. These look good on a resume and are flexible enough to fit class schedules. Bank Teller will give customer service experience, an important transferable skill. Since twenty-five per cent of tellers work part time, it is possible to ...

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