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Last reply by: Professor Jibin Park
Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:35 PM

Post by Kate Liu on September 16, 2017

Why is it that if the 20th is on a Sunday, the President must have the public ceremony the next day?

Amendments XX-XXVII

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:11
  • Amendment XX 1:22
    • Amendment Twenty
    • Shortened the 'Lame Duck' Status of Both the President and Congress
    • In Earlier Times, a Long Period of Time Was Necessary for the Long Trek to Washington, DC
  • Amendment XXII 7:15
    • Amendment Twenty-Two
    • George Washington Set a Precedent for Two Terms
    • Few Presidents Sought a Third Term
    • Lyndon Johnson
    • President Bill Clinton
  • Amendment XXIII 16:55
    • Amendment Twenty-Three
    • Residents of Washington, D.C. Has Right to Vote in Presidential Elections
    • Electors Give Votes to Democratic Candidate
    • Nonpartisan Issue
    • 1984: Ronald Reagan Won in a Landslide Election
    • Michael Jordan Amendment
  • Amendment XXIV 23:40
    • Amendment Twenty-Four
    • One of the Surviving Ways to Disenfranchise Black Voters
    • President Kennedy Wanted an Amendment as the Best Way to Avoid a Filibuster
  • Amendment XXV 25:52
    • Amendment Twenty-Five
    • Amendment Made it Unambiguous That the VP Became President
  • Amendment XXV 29:32
    • Tyler Precedent
    • Woodrow and Edith Wilson
    • Presidents Who Take Over Because of a Previous President's Death
    • Truman
    • Gerald Ford
    • Use of Section 4
  • Amendment XXVI 34:28
    • Amendment Twenty-Six
    • Vietnam War
    • Old Enough to Fight and Die, Old Enough to Vote
    • Some States Already Permitted Ages 18-21 to Vote
    • Struck Down as Unconstitutional
  • Amendment XXVII 36:38
    • Amendment Twenty-Seven
    • Gregory Watson
    • Thesis Seen as Too Unrealistic
    • Automatic Cost-of-Living Adjustment
  • Example 1 41:13
  • Example 2 42:27
  • Example 3 44:59
  • Example 4 46:20
  • Example 5 48:40