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When Holiday Is Coming…

Just need a break from school.

Just A little Appreciation…

This is exactly what we need!!!

Teachers Around The World Help Students Find Their True Selves Everyday.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and ...

The Power Of One Caring Adult in The Life Of A Child.

Let the kids know you see their potential!

How To Make Someone’s Day?

For me, I always start with a smile. 🙂

Laugh With Students!

Sorry, I just can’t help it sometimes…

Always need someone to study with?

Here you go…

Think Before You Ask!

Ask yourself if you are prepared to think before you ...

Deep Breath Before The Class!

C’mon! It’s just a class…

Why Successful People Take Notes?

Taking notes helps me get things out of my mind ...

How Secure Is My Password?

When you set the password too easy…🤣...

Teacher’s Life.

Tag your teacher friend who feels the same way....

Teachers Rule. 📝

” The RULE”

Teaching is a walk in the park. 🚶🦎

Teaching life…

From Little Things Big Things Grow!

Studying Has No Age Limit.

Don’t Study In Bed!

That’s why I try not to study in bed…

Graduation Is Coming.

Game of “Loans” 🤣🤣🤣


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