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Period VI-VII: Indentured Servitude, Part II

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Materials Needed 0:25
  • Working With The DBQ 0:49
    • Beef Up
  • Reviewing The Process 1:16
    • Parse Essay Prompt
    • Historical Background
    • POV
    • Discover As You Read
    • Thesis
    • Grouping
  • Ok, Let's Get Started 3:08
    • Analyze
  • Document 4 4:13
    • Source- Chart
    • POV- Selected
    • Main Features- Lots of People Left China, Japan, & India
    • Causes- End Of Slavery, Need For Labor
    • Consequences- Make Changes In Home Country & New Century
  • Document 5 10:01
    • Source- Photos
    • Main Features- Looks A Lot Like Slavery
    • Consequences- A Lot Of People Stayed And Worked
    • Causes- Must Have Been Hard To Return To Country Of Origin
    • POV-Photographer Frames
    • Posing
  • Document 6 16:08
    • Source- Chart
    • Main Features- Native Population Going Down
    • Mostly Men
    • Causes- Large Importation Of Workers
    • Consequences- Culture Changes
    • Government Document Closes To Accurate
  • Document 7 21:06
    • Source- Contract For Indentured Servants
    • Main Features- Was It Accurately Represented
    • Other- Someone Who Observed
    • POV- Recruiting Document
    • Causes- Need Labor
    • Consequences- May Not Be As Promised
  • Document 8 29:27
    • Source-Ramana, A Worker
    • Main Features- All Against The Contract
    • POV- Complaint May Be Exaggerated
    • Other- See More To See If This Is Normal
    • Causes- Taken Advantage Of
    • Consequences- Ill Health, Death
  • Document 9 34:31
    • Source- Stats From Government Records
    • Main Features- By 1920s, The Immigrant Workers Were Either Significant Minority Or Majority
    • Consequences- Stayed
    • POV- Official, Trustworthy
    • Causes- Poor Wages
  • Reviewing The Process So Far 39:05
  • Write From An Outline 39:38