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Lecture Comments (4)

0 answers

Post by Samuel MBONGA on January 18, 2016

Hello My Instructor ,

I am a question about the Console Application.
When can anybody use the console Application ?

I as this because I see the way you demonstrate this black window . It seems very  bad in my eyes comparing with windows forms applications

0 answers

Post by Jeannie Wightman on January 2, 2016

Yeah i was wondering the same thing. Where is the homework?

0 answers

Post by Nikola Cvetojevic on August 27, 2015

I am looking for the homework also.

0 answers

Post by Josue Soto on February 25, 2015

Hello there my name is Josh I am new to programming and I want to say about where actually can I download the homework from this site for courses like the programming section? Thanks.

Operators, Expressions & Statements

  • The basic format for an assignment statement is: Result = value {operator} value
  • There are no implied operations
  • You can shorten some statements if they are of the form x = x + value. You can shorten it to x += value. It also works for -, *, /, and any other operator
  • Using the Math library will simplify many mathematical operations