New England Culinary Institute Review!

It’s all about being a “Master Chef” with the New England Culinary Institute! This institute is for students who aim big and whose goal it is to take over the world of spices with their awe-inspiring culinary skills. All the programs are built around innovative thinking aimed at satisfying the hospitality market in the modern world. The institute provides a unique supportive environment that helps students develop academically and personally; enabling them to gain an in-depth understanding of everything from appreciation of food and wine to the best dining experience. They also prepare students for career advancement in this dynamic industry by focusing on professional communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students are shown the different career pathways that exist in the food and beverage industry.

Founded in 1980 with just one program and a class of seven students, the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont; is a private, co-educational school. The school follows a new education model where students take on the apprenticeship to Master Chefs, from the first day. Students have internships at the finest restaurants in the world. This has proven to be so successful that the school now has over 500 students with ages ranging from 18 to 56 years, from different backgrounds. From the beginning, the institute concentrated on keeping up with the constantly changing food and beverage industry, by adding new programs.

Today, the school has a faculty of fifty-four with exceptional educational credentials and years of experience in the food and beverage industry. It offers programs in nine areas: Baking and Pastry; Hospitality and Restaurant management; and Culinary Arts. With nine production kitchens like bakeries, banquets, garde manger, restaurants, and corporate dining rooms for the students to learn in, intense education is at its best at the New England Culinary Institute. Students get hands-on training and allowed to experiment with different food combinations, textures and styles – all under the hawkish monitoring of a Master Chef. Many graduates of the institute are in top positions as leading chefs.  Students earlier attended classes  at either the Montpelier or Essex Junction campuses in Vermont; However in 2009, the campuses were consolidated to the main campus in Montpelier. Students also have the option to take up courses through their latest distance learning program.

The distance learning program has been designed to suit the needs of students pursuing their degrees from their own private spaces.  The work is as rigorous as on-campus and all the support systems that the physically attending students enjoy are available for online students.  The courses offered online are Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Restaurant Management; and several continuing education courses where students can choose the course that fits their professional goals the best.  These continuing education courses are for students who wish to take their career to the next level, simply learn new skills and trends, or change specialties.

Culinary skills are acquired and honed through theoretical knowledge combined with hands-on experience, and this is exactly what the New England Culinary Institute is providing. The realty-based curriculum prepares students for professional advancement in the highly competitive and forever evolving world of culinary delights.  Only those that develop a broad range of skills and learn to be flexible and innovative in their thinking, can succeed in the food and beverage industry. This institute embraces active learning through hands-on experience and focuses on transforming the student into a perfectionist that seeks excellence in professional conduct. It brings students closer to being a Master Chef.


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  1. Alex at Neci says:

    Thanks for providing such useful information about our offerings at

    One note – our campuses were consolidated to our main campus in Montpelier in 2009 (there’s mention of Essex Junction above). It brings all of our staff, faculty and students together for a more community based learning atmosphere at our primary location.

    We do campus tours every Friday through our classrooms and live production kitchens and restaurants for prospective students. Contact our admissions department for more info via the website or 877 223 6324.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for dropping by and appreciate the clarification.

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