Keiser University Review

Keiser University is one of the universities that believe in the importance of designing appropriate educational programs. All their programs are a combination of traditional theoretical education and practical skills provided through career-focused classrooms. Students are taught the importance of service. The university has taken it upon itself to create not only academically qualified graduates but also well-balanced individuals that go on to become worthy leaders in their communities. The school looks at this as an essential exercise of educated individuals assisting in the overall community development and growth.

The university was founded in 1977 by the Keiser family whose intention was to have an institution that provides career-oriented education to the locals. Over the next few decades, the school has experienced immense growth as the popularity grew. The main campus of the school is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with twelve more campuses scattered all over Florida. The school also offers education for people not living in Florida through its online education program. People wishing to take classes online from Keiser have a wide choice of degree programs and many majors.

With time becoming more precious than ever, students look for ways of completing their degree programs at the earliest to be able to get going with their careers. For such students, Kaiser offers accelerated classes which are completed much quicker than the regular classes. Through these classes, it only takes 18 months for students to earn their degrees, be it Associates or Bachelors.
Students can complete their courses easily and quickly by concentrating on one course at a time. This way the study is more intensive and involves a shorter time. The school believes that this method of study works well because students can gain in-depth knowledge in one subject without any deviations.
The courses offered online are the same as those offered on-campus. There is no differentiation made in the quality of education. Online students can access all the course material on their computers at their own time and convenience. The resources provided to help online students include tech support at all times, access to online library filled with reference material and an exclusive email address for each student to communicate with the university. Students are also allowed interaction with their instructors and fellow classmates through the use of email, chat rooms and discussion boards. Earning an Associate’s or bachelor’s degree through Keiser University is easy and the school provides a number of majors to ensure students get what they are looking for. Some of the majors include Business, Nursing and Criminal Justice.

With the number of options Keiser University provides, completing a graduate program online is as easy as going to college. In fact, for many this form of education proves to be more fruitful as they can take care of other things or continue working, while resuming their education.


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  1. John T. says:

    While the education for students is held to a decent level at Keiser University, take caution to accept employment with them. The president at the Sarasota campus has numerous charges against her with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission due to her lack of knowledge, understanding or respect for the disabled. Faculty and staff are often harassed by the students, which goes largely ignored. The grievance procedures that students can partake in are pre-determined in favor of the university as the president is the one who speaks to the committee and decisions of each member are recorded along with the threat of retaliation to side with the student. The campus operates with too few faculty and too many administrators. The university employees a law firm (the university is actually listed on the law firm’s web site) due to the number of right’s violations that take place. The firm threatens those involved in disputes with letters making demands that have no legal merit.

    Again, the faculty are highly professional and the education level is respectable. There is, however, the constant reminder that this is a private university and for-profit. In that environment, those put in high administrative positions do little to create a supportive level of security for employees. When unlawful terminations or actions occur, particularly those against the disabled or for retaliation purposes, there is never an explanation to students, staff or faculty with an understanding that there should be no discussion of an employee’s immediate departure or replacement. Those involved at the campus level are no longer held responsible for the incident as the university campuses are controlled at the corporate level (with legal representation immediately becoming involved).

    It could be a concern that the students’ tuition is budgeted for law violations and legal representation rather than an appropriate ratio of faculty to students.

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