ITT Technical Institute Review

IIT Technical Institute offers some of the best career-focused degree programs available today. The course material is carefully designed by experts to focus on traditional academic education combined with practical hands-on experience in the labs. This sort of education is aimed at preparing students to achieve professional success in a variety of technically related fields after the completion of graduation.

IIT Tech was founded in 1946 in Carmel, Indiana. Over the years, the school has spread to 30 different states in the United States. It currently has more than 85 campuses, covering every state between California and Maryland, enabling students from any city in the United States to enrol in the different campuses. Students have a wide choice of degree programs they can opt for based on their interests. They can go in for the Associates, Bachelors or Masters level degrees in several specialized programs. For all those students that cannot attend a regular school because of their professional and personal responsibilities, IIT Tech online offers them the chance to take up degrees in the most convenient format.

The school is proud of the recognition it has gained. All programs at IIT Tech have received national accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. This includes both on-campus and online programs. IIT has earned the distinction of offering the largest number of Associate degrees and Bachelor degrees in electronics and other electronic-related programs in the United States, through the several campuses. Thousands of students joining these educational programs take pride in following in the footsteps of the high-flying and distinguished alumni of the school.

The online programs offered by the school comprise of several modules. The number of modules can be anywhere between six and twelve, based on the program chosen by the student. Students will go over these modules with an instructor and all content will be accessed online. The lessons will be posted online by the faculty members and students can access them on their computers at their convenience. The school also facilitates discussion between the faculty and students through the use of online classrooms. The school shows no distinction between its on-campus and online classes. The faculty assigned to deliver instruction to online students is the same as on-campus faculty. The only difference being, they receive extra training to handle virtual classrooms in the most efficient manner.
Degrees are offered in several fields, some of which are Graphic Design, Criminal Justice and Business Administration. All programs are designed to bring the student up-to-date with the latest happenings in their field of study.

This school has earned a good name for the well-designed programs and excellence in imparting education to hundreds of online students that have gone on to achieve great successes in the fields of their choice. The hands-on practical training has proved to be one of the best and helps students step out of school after their graduation, with full confidence and land themselves jobs they would never have dreamed of previously.


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51 Responses to “ITT Technical Institute Review”

  1. Mike says:

    ITT is a big waste of your money. I taught IT at ITT in Madison Al and was so disappointed to learn how they sucker students into changing there major and baby students to come to class so they can get government education money. They don’t care about the students or the instructors and are only after the bottom line. After complaining, I was told that my military teaching background was (in so many indirect words from the Dean) not compatible with ITT. The tuition is extremely high and most of the permanent staff are incompetent and will back stab and discredit any instructors that have certifications and degrees. In most cases, the faculty have never taught college level courses and are not competent enough to teach at a real university. The integrity and ethical behavior of ITT faculty and staff are questionable at best. They are evasive and treat professional people in a rude and often arrogant approach while lying to your face. I’ve seen perfectly dedicated Doctorate and Master Degree level professionals bad mouthed, lied about and ousted because the unprofessional, unqualified staff felt threatened by competent instructors who hold students accountable and try to teach them rather than abuse them for federal grant and tuition money. Avoid this school like the plague that it is! Their degrees are not even accredited and any credits you might try to transfer to a real university are not honored…that ought to tell you something right there!

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