ITT Technical Institute Review

IIT Technical Institute offers some of the best career-focused degree programs available today. The course material is carefully designed by experts to focus on traditional academic education combined with practical hands-on experience in the labs. This sort of education is aimed at preparing students to achieve professional success in a variety of technically related fields after the completion of graduation.

IIT Tech was founded in 1946 in Carmel, Indiana. Over the years, the school has spread to 30 different states in the United States. It currently has more than 85 campuses, covering every state between California and Maryland, enabling students from any city in the United States to enrol in the different campuses. Students have a wide choice of degree programs they can opt for based on their interests. They can go in for the Associates, Bachelors or Masters level degrees in several specialized programs. For all those students that cannot attend a regular school because of their professional and personal responsibilities, IIT Tech online offers them the chance to take up degrees in the most convenient format.

The school is proud of the recognition it has gained. All programs at IIT Tech have received national accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. This includes both on-campus and online programs. IIT has earned the distinction of offering the largest number of Associate degrees and Bachelor degrees in electronics and other electronic-related programs in the United States, through the several campuses. Thousands of students joining these educational programs take pride in following in the footsteps of the high-flying and distinguished alumni of the school.

The online programs offered by the school comprise of several modules. The number of modules can be anywhere between six and twelve, based on the program chosen by the student. Students will go over these modules with an instructor and all content will be accessed online. The lessons will be posted online by the faculty members and students can access them on their computers at their convenience. The school also facilitates discussion between the faculty and students through the use of online classrooms. The school shows no distinction between its on-campus and online classes. The faculty assigned to deliver instruction to online students is the same as on-campus faculty. The only difference being, they receive extra training to handle virtual classrooms in the most efficient manner.
Degrees are offered in several fields, some of which are Graphic Design, Criminal Justice and Business Administration. All programs are designed to bring the student up-to-date with the latest happenings in their field of study.

This school has earned a good name for the well-designed programs and excellence in imparting education to hundreds of online students that have gone on to achieve great successes in the fields of their choice. The hands-on practical training has proved to be one of the best and helps students step out of school after their graduation, with full confidence and land themselves jobs they would never have dreamed of previously.


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Have you studied at ITT Technical University?

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51 Responses to “ITT Technical Institute Review”

  1. 1 Unknown

    First and foremost, I am writing this because I keep seeing people ask, “Should I go to ITT Tech?” when I look up college info. I do not “blog” or like to give my opinion. So I will not give you my opinion. I will give you my experience with ITT Tech. Why I went there? Why I left there? Why I went to a real college? And the pro’s and con’s of both.

    To start with, I knew nothing about college and I wanted a degree fast. So I saw ITT Tech and thought this would be a good place for me. I signed the contact and was told this would be better than other places. Things were good in criminal justice, having a 4.0, and working hard. But as time went on I found that the teaching was not that good. Here are some more reasons: A lot of teachers I found out were not qualified to teach a class and did; I saw a teacher let a student pass a class, who should have failed the class, right in front of me. The reason the teacher stated, “I have to let a certain percent pass for enrollment stuff.” Also, the course out-line for every class I went to were not even teaching the basics. I had it with ITT. I wanted to transfer my credits to a new college and move on. But there was one problem: ITT credits transfer no where. Trust me I tried. I had to start over after a year and half. I did not go in to CJ but a better field. And yes I tried to get my money back and had no luck. It was a hard lesson to learn, but I have a better education now.

    ITT Pro’s- NONE! Well, ok one. You can do nothing and still get a degree.
    ITT Con’s- The teachers’ are not up to standard all the time (qualified). You cannot pick your classes. You cannot choose to get used books, they come with the class. You will spend, more or less, $80,000. It takes 180 credits to get a BA. CREDITS WILL NOT TRANSFER. Not regionally accredited. Regionally accredited is the highest standard. DEGREE WILL NOT TRANSFER DUE TO CREDITS. Not considered a college, it is a trade school only. If they do not have a higher degree you are stuck with the level you have. Overall course out-line is not well rounded. I asked people in my chosen profession about ITT and all I heard was laughter.

    Real college con’s- May have to take remedial classes to meet standards.
    Real college pro’s- Highly qualified professors that teach in their field only. You can pick your classes. Can get used books. For a BA: state run, more or less, $15,000- 20,000; and are regionally accredited. Degree will transfer. Can get a PhD. Credits will transfer also. Overall course out-line is very will rounded to make you more worldly knowledgeable person. I asked people in my chosen profession about a real college and they said, “Keep that GPA high and you will do just fine. You can get a degree fast i.e. you can take up to 7 classes at a time. I take 5 and do just fine. It only takes 120 credits to get a BA.

    So, what is my out look on the real college experience:
    I am so glade I went to a real college. I know all my professors. If you make studying a part of your life you will do just fine. The professors are great. Some of my old professors are friends now too. Every college is different; so, I would say to find a college you like in order to make the experience funnier and better. Like I said this is my experience and not my opinion like others give. But I will leave you with these 3 things 1) Do your own research and ask if ITT Tech’s credits can transfer to the college you want to go to (you will get a better understanding if you ask why or why not?). 2) Ask your future employer where they prefer you to graduate from and what classes to take. 3) Before you graduate from a real college, join your professional association in your field. If you’re a student you fee will be free or $50 more or less VS in some cases $1000. Why is this important? Your professional association, like the APA for psychology, sends out a magazine about what is happening in you field, when their annual expo takes place (100’s of top people will be there in you profession), and they have job listings that are only given to your professional association from top employers around the world. So, this is how you get the job, in this order: It is who you know (professional association), graduate from a good regionally accredited college with a good GPA, and have some experience i.e. internship. All in all, it is your choice not my choice. I just hope that my experience helps

  2. 2 rather not say

    Biggest waste of money. The teachers are not qualified. And if they spend as much money on teachers as they do on food they might be half way decent

    It makes me sick to think of how much money I have spent on this place

  3. 3 Donald

    Run as far as you can!! The are not regionally accredited, credits won’t transfer to a real college and instructors are not qualified.

  4. 4 Ben Lopez

    Please dont wasnt your time or hard earned money on a worthless degree, made up credits, unmotivated teachers ect. The schools are run more like a business then a place for education and even businesses are run better then this. I was told by my recruiter and several people there that there credits are transferable, well THEY ARENT. The teachers tell you they make very little themselves, show up late and arent motivated. The classes are slow and time is wasted on things like figuring out why half the computers in our class dont work, and this is if were lucky enough to be in a room that has computers(im in the drafting and design program). Employers dont want to give a ITT graduate a job, this school is a joke to them.

  5. 5 Too Far In Debt For Nothing

    Spent more on this school in 3 Quarters than I have at a real college getting my associates, none of my credits transfered and you could pass a class just by showing up, a lot of the students were abviously not cut out for college, and one teacher even told us he would never hire anyone out of ITT tech, he only taught to make a few extra bucks. Got my certificate, but most emplyers asked if I had any real college, so I had to go to a real college. Waste of money and they maxed out my financial aid then sent me an additional bill for $3000

  6. 6 At ITT TECH You are not a student, you are a "start number".

    The tuition associate degree is $43,000, ITT TECH is nothing but money launderers, and can you imagine paying such a high cost for an unaccredited school, you cannot transfer credits to a different college. Once you start ITT, you’re stuck there or you wasted a lot of money.

    Most of the students that started when I did have already dropped out due to misleading promises made by the recruiters. Itt tech was a disappointment, I feel like I wasted time and money.

    Here is the main problem with this company — they are extremely misleading and what they describe as their “Mission Statement” and what is being said and reviewed behind closed doors is the definition of hypocritical. They claim to be changing students lives (yes this is true will bleed you dry, ITT TECH is nothing but money launderers, it is a mafia) at ITT TECH You are not a student — you are a “start number”.

    ITT Tech is a joke, if you are serious about bettering yourself – steer clear of ITT.

  7. 7 ITT SCAM

    ITT TECH runs by used car salesmen and the most horrible management practices, most immoral and unethical they violate state and federal laws but they have the best lawyers on payroll (will get them out of any Contravention most of the time) I filed complaints with the attorney general, State of California Department of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau and they both told me they couldn’t do anything.
    I filed complaints with the City Officials and after investigating they found no fault with ITT TECH. ITT is surely paying off any and every agency that could get them in troubles.
    Who would have thought that an educational institute in the U.S.A can be allowed to be up and running with so many complaints, ethics, morals violations, and educational deception and fraud.
    Do not forget at ITT TECH you are not a student you are only a “start number”. ITT TEC is the nastiest business on earth, it’s not a school, and this institute runs by animals the only concern of these animals in the HQ is to increase profits and do not care about students or education.
    But I did find some help with the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, please please and please send your complains to
    Or call Ms. Shameka Erby, (Complaints Coordinator at ACICS) (202) 336-6849
    This is our last hope.



  9. 9 Val

    OK guys!
    ITT is crap. What is your opinion about DeVry University. DeVry has accreditation, I believe. But probably same crap as ITT, they all are hungry predators for your money.
    Thanks for your opinion,

  10. 10 Case

    You are all sad, weak and you need to stop feeling sorry for yourselves. Try learning something for yourselves for once. If you need everything handed to you, then this program isn’t for you. If you are a piece of sh*t, then your a peice of sh*t. No employer is going to judge you on what school you went to. Having a degree is what matters. Make up your dam mind of what you want in life and roll with it.
    – To all those drop outs!
    You make me sick

  11. 11 Matt

    School is what you make of it. Whether it’s a certified school, or just one to get you to the next level. I have seen the facilities and have high hopes for this school. They are just a institution to help us pass the certification test. They may not shove the information like they did in high school, but they have the tools and the information that I’m going to acquire to start my new career. I think that all of you that give this school a bad review, are the types that want life handed to you on a platter, and aren’t that dedicated to the classes that you have paid such a high price to be in.

    Seriously, Who really cares if I have to get a used book. I’m actually happy that I don’t have to buy a expensive new book and that they are just given to us, just as the information would be to.

  12. 12 Degree in 98!

    I worked for Xerox through the last half of Assoc. degree with ITT, also I worked there through the B.S. degree, a job that ITT tech helped me get. After 3 long years of grinding and studying and working to keep attendance up I was hired by USWEST straight out of school.

    I never applied, they called me. I hired in at $36,000 a year in 98. I was promoted a year later into management. A year later I was offered a job in Service Management. I have been here ever since. I made 112,000 in 2009. I have a good 401K, in the employee stock option plan. I get 6 weeks vacation and I work from home when the need comes up. There are plenty of people here from UW, WSU, OSU (I am in Seattle) and they want my job.

    So here is my take: I paid, I learned. I had never missed a day of school, I did all my labs, I graduated on the honor roll, had the NVTHS induction. Also got the triple A award. All I did was dedicate myself to learning. Took it serious and worked my ass off.

    Any place can be a great place of learning. Any place can bad. It is your job as a student to take what is offered and commit it to your memory. No one that worked hard during my enrollment is without a job, alot work at QWEST as CCT’s CDT’s. But the ones that thought the perverbial “cost” of education was not justified because of their inability to focus and learn is merely a direct reflection of ones self.

    A loser is a loser no matter the source of the education. You pay the money, you screw off, you blow it and blame the educational system. You paid the money and wanted them to just hand you a piece of paper that said you did it and that did not happen so your mad at yourself because you didn’t like the attendance policy or the practice of mid terms and finals as a way to track you statistically based off of a scoring system that is deployed in almost every aspect of the modern work force. What you know shapes your pay and career.

    No philosopher has ever said that education in and of itself is worthless. Education is the art of knowledge passing from the greater to the lesser until balance is achieved. Only a fool will declare that what they know is that education no matter the cost is and/or was stupid. To know that knowing has a price is to accept the outcome of learning. I suggest that most of you spend some time learning about the teachings of Socrates! He is after all the father of Western thought. Good day.


  13. 13 Belinda

    After reading the comments posted I have to ask…are you sure you went to ITT?
    I never had the problems that was described here. Being accredited Nationally is not hidden and was explained to me. (I did not get all this free food and would like to know where I was at that time)
    The teachers spent time answering all of my questions and the qualifications are the same in that yes they have to have a degree and had to have been in the real world working five years in the field. By the way all students are suppose to fill out questionaires every quarter for ever class to evaluate the class and teacher. This is how the school determines what works for the students.
    I have been working every since I graduated in the public sector. I love what I do and would not be there without the degree I have earned. I could not have been nearly as successful or comfortable with what I do if it wasn’t hands on. The hands on experience is what really made the theory and outlining foundation solidify and bring it all together.
    Perhaps you should have spent more time asking questions and doing your work (I worked for my degree it was not handed to me) and putting the dam effort into what you were paying for so you could get the full bang for your buck.
    OH and by the way WAH WAH perhaps you are better suited for a school that is more likely to hold your hand so you do not fall on your lazy ass

  14. 14 Kim

    To: Case, Matt, Belinda and Degree in 1998:
    Your opinions are not justified well enough, you need to read the complaints. Do you honestly believe that all of the complaints from thousands of people really believe you, reading your nonsense.
    Then you have to have fowl language to back it up too. If you are so intelligent you must not have done your research very well. I really do not think that cases, that complaints are won against Itt from hearsay, but evidence in courts of law, with qualified
    attorneys and investigators and law enforcement reading this that are to prove the rights of the people pro or con.
    Follow up before you bash the victims of scams. Everyone is different but at the very least they tried to earn a living and some of the victims testified they were given “A”s in their classes so it was easy for them to go through the school of Itt, but many of those students did not get employment and if they did some of those could not perform the duties of their trade. There were also some students given unfair grades and they worked very hard with their studies, but some of the teachers failed them! Your opionions are important, it is in your rights. Freedom of Speech.
    Students that are signing up for loans that are too high are not doing it, in my opinion because they on the most part, are lazy, they want a job so they can work, not pay for dropping out! To pay bills, bring up their children, work for the American dream, free enterprise, free choice, the right to be innocent before being proven guilty;
    who wants to be a victim?
    It is important that they, the alledged victims of scams, crimes, speak out and have their say. There are too many complaints againt Itt tech schools that are the same all over the States. I am witness to that myself. But I see a pattern of complaints that are very similar, and they should be tried in a court of law.These are our constitutional rights and there is enough probable cause to investigate each and every complaint case.
    I am so glad to see both sides of opinions and people talking out and sticking to their principals! This is a democracy, there are two sides to every complaint, facts and the best evidence wins!

  15. 15 You are not making 100 grand!!!

    My good friend works for ITT and we have long talks about her guilt for bringing weak students. You can get a nursing degree at a 4 yr state school in your home state for about 30 grand, but ITT charges 50 grand for a degree only good with their partners. If you do get a job paying $12/hr ($23,000)it is not enough to cover your student loans of 80 grand and job paying that little will not cover the interst. The Department of Ed is looking at these programs. The cooking schools are worst. I graduated from real college twice with only 15 grand of debt because of GI Bill but took some loans help with Masters. The electronics school is what get the respect, but most IT jobs do not need degrees, but certifications.

  16. 16 Abel

    Honestly, all ITT TECH are different,i’ll give an example one class i was taking was rapid viz our final was three story buliding in 2 point perspective cars,trees, rivers,statutes people and rendering was requierd to make it look prsentable all this in 3 months in the program, two students that came form lousianna transfer to our class. you know what there final was for that class? draw 2 people and 3 trees!!! So it depends where you go and who teaches there not all the same i attend the one in Phoenix and from personal experiance i enjoy this school, faculty is happy to help even if there not teaching the program that your in. And they dont just hand out A’s people cant handle the fast pace class then well maybe ITT-Tech Isnt for you.

  17. 17 x

    All schools have their ups and downs, ITT being no different. Yes, because it is only and nationally accredited school credits are hard to transfer, but the people that say ITT is a waste of money are the people who didn’t finish the program and QUIT for what ever reasons makes them feel better now. Its fast pace “Quarters not Semesters” but you will come out with knowledge that most schools wouldn’t teach in that amount of time.

    I started my education at ITT and did get my Associates in Computer and Electronic Engineering. After 2 years I landed a job as an engineer for a medical instrument company, making more then my friends with 4 year degrees from university’s.

    Like anything in life if you don’t finish what you started you are not going to benefit from it.

    So the people that go for a year and a half and then quit, well that’s your fault. You were so close and now you are right, you are stuck with those credits that will do nothing because you quit the program.

    ITT is not for everyone but if you stick it out you will get what you paid for.

    ITT Alumni- Computer and Electronics Engineering
    Currently working on Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

    And I don’t regret a thing.

  18. 18 Yukiko

    ITT TECH is a such a rip off for students and employees. If a student is willing to dig and teach themselves, the student will probably learn more than the student who expects to just we taught, do the general home work etc. ITT has a practice of hiring instructors who in some circumstances, have just graduated from coolege, with little or no practical work experience. These instructors have little to offer ITT Tech students who come with no understanding of the area of study they entering. How can you teach a subject when you have no practical experience in the field???. National credits rarely transfer into Regional programs? If this important. Yes, it is if your paln to get a higher degree? You will spend just under $100,000. for A BA, over $50.00 for an associates degree. You might as well go to a really good University for that kind of money and get a degree that is really worth something. If you are not interested in a college degree there are other trade schools that are much more respected at half the cost of ITT Tech. Why grease the pockets of a wealthy coorporate CEO (Around $400,000,000. per year), other business men and women, and stock owners, yes ITT is publicly traded and you would probably do better to buy stock in ITT that tuition money tahn to spend it on their particular brand of “education”. Hell no I won’t go! (Again). T



    I have NEVER been in an ALTERNATIVE HIGH SCHOOL but this schools environment is Alternative HIGH SCHOOL GOES TO COLLEGE!

    If you are looking for a program that will accept ANYONE and pass everyone merely on attendance this is the school for you! Otherwise keep looking!!

    First RED flag should have been that there were NO pre-reqs’ required! Who starts nursing school with NO PRE-REQ’s !? There were students who did not know what an electron was, or could even do simple math problems, yet they are being passed on to the next semester. You are only hurting yourself if you are unprepared for the NCLEX. You could be thousands of dollars in debt and at the end of the day NOT pass your boards. (which is a $400 testing fee)

    This schools RN program just got started in December 2009, which means the true results of this program will not be available until December 2011, when the first class graduates and sits for the NCLEX. (I’m sure more than half will fail)

    The instructors are not competent to teach a nursing program, everything is a “group” activity so that those who are scraping by can ride the coat tails of others in order to pass on to the next semester. ITT does not care about quality education, they only care if you are attending class so that they can get every dime out of you. They even fill out all of your FAFSA information so that everyone can qualify for their $56,000 program! The classes were very unorganized, and the instructors were never prepared for questions you threw at them. They would often have another student address the questions. There was no structure to the program, on the first day of school they overwhelm you with 11 books, and you only use 1 the entire semester, if any. All classes are a four hour slide show, and a bathroom break. Does this sound like college to you!? There is NO homework that is graded, your tests are only worth 10% whereas in a REAL college your exams/finals ARE your grade, and at ITT your grade is by group activities, again for those who would have NEVER survived in a real college. Keep in mind the job of an RN is taking care of peoples lives!!

    Making a long story short ITT’s RN program is a “technical associates degree”. The credits will not transfer for a BSN degree, because the school is NOT regionally accredited. (I do not know how they even got nationally approved) So after you are in debt of $56,000 you will only have an associates from a program with a poor reputation, more than likely any manger with any sense would not hire a graduate from this program! Only time will tell, unfortunately it will take two more years!

  20. 20 Karen

    I was reading some of these comments more than half the people complaining can’t even use puctuation correctly. No education is perfect it also depends on how motivated the student is. It doesn’t matter where you go to school you are still going to pay for your eductaion. If this school was that bad why would it be around for 26 years or more?

  21. 21 Mark

    I am at ITT right now and I am not sure what all the complaints are about. Every teacher that I have in my field of study (software application and programming) has there masters degree. No one in my classes was just passed either. My friend failed every class last quarter. I have spoken to my database teacher which is a Senior Developer and said we are being taught what is used in the real world. Not just theory but actuall application of the software and development. I am sorry if your experience was so terrible but mine has been amazing. It is probably because I apply myself and care about what I am learning.

  22. 22 Cherokee

    Wow, I go to ITT in Indianapolis and although it was expensive (40G) the nursing instructors are excellent. We did have pre-req’s and all our instructors have masters degree’s or higher. Our grades were: 30% for final exam, 20% for tests, 20% for homework & other assignments, 15% for quizes, 10% for HESI’s, & 5% for attendence & in class assignments. I graduate in 8 weeks and the previous classes have passed the NCLEX with a 95% pass rate. Like all nursing students I learned to put on my “big girl panties” and do my work, I didn’t expect to be “spoon feed”. When I looked at nursing schools I looked for the one that met my needs. All schools have their good & bad, and considering that I’m a middle aged adult learner, this isn’t my 1st time at the college rodeo.

  23. 23 dai

    To karen,
    “education is not free and should be pay for. ” I agree that it should be pay for if, and only if the education is worth the money. The AA degree at ITT is not regionally accredited. So tell me is it worth $48000? I don’t mind paying that much money if it was a well recognize college. All these people saying is the price your paying for to go better yourself is not worth that much in a school like ITT. I myself though they were accredited, but not the kind i was looking for. I know grammar and punctuation is not all great, but this is just to get simple point across. I m not trying to write a book or an essay, so excuse my wording.

  24. 24 steve

    “ITT IS A SCAM!!!!11″ people saying this are naive and ignorant. itt is expensive yes, in that respect there may be better choices of schools. but itt is nationally accredited, not a scam. just like all other nationally accredited “for profit” schools each campus is different and you need to be smart and check out the schools before you jump in. i am currently attending itt, in troy mi. I have learned more in my first two semesters than 1.5 years at the community college. my teachers are passionate and know the most up to date information in their areas of expertise. yes it is true some of the teachers don’t work in the fields or are straight from college , but most arent. All of my teachers currently work in my field of study. Having a teacher currently working in the field and being passionate about their work enough to want to teach, results in top notch mentors, i have made friends with my teachers and begun to network receiving references and job opportunities. the school provides the tools and resources for you to be able to learn. if your arent willing to apply yourself and honestly put your best into it than it will not be fruitful for you. I personals know a couple different Human Resource people from different companies and they agree that itt is a good school. in fact one of them convinced me to go there over my community college. if you know what you want, and are willing to see it to the end than a school like itt will be good for you. if you still aren’t sure what you want to do or still want to party around for a few more years then stick with a traditional college.

  25. 25 Krista Waltemeyer

    i would love to go to itt because i want to be a crime seance investigaror.

  26. 26 Amanda Hucks

    I am currently attending ITT and I have to agree with all of these complaints.I am going there to get my bachelors degree in criminal justice. I have been considering quitting because my intro to computers class is a joke.The instructor has no idea how to teach.She has each student read aloud out of the book.Then she will have us do a lab.Although we do this, she doesn’t explain a thing. I can stay home and read from the book. I am paying $90,000 for this and I feel like i’m in kindergarten.My last class with her we had a 20 minute conversation on why shes not married. Really this is what i’m paying for?I’m there to learn and i’m not learning a thing.

  27. 27 VENDETTA


  28. 28 C

    THIS SCHOOL IS A RIP OFF.THE FINANCIAL AID STAFF ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO HANDLE YOUR TUITION LOANS, ETC. THEY ARE STUPID. I REGRET GOING TO THIS SCHOOL. THIS IS THE WORST SCHOOL I EVER ATTENDED. THE TEACHERS DROP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE QUARTERS. THE TEACHERS ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO TEACH CERTAIN COURSES!!!!!!!!!!! THEY JUST READ FROM THE BOOK OR POWER POINT. I ENTERED THE HIT PROGRAM AT THE LAKE MARY CAMPUS AND IT WAS A JOKE. THE BEST THING I DID WAS DROP OUT OF THIS STUPID SCHOOL. CAREER SERVICES IS A JOKE. THEY HELP FIND STUDENTS JOBS BY SENDING YOU EMAILS! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE!!! STUPID ASS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 J. T.

    I went to ITT about 10 years ago in Portland Or. When I got out I was hired immediately by a company! I started at $13.00, which was outstanding, since my roommate at the time and best friend that graduated from PSU (Portland State) in architecture was making only $12.00….

    Now, I will say this – they only had two classes there. Electrical Engineering/Automated Manufacturing and Graphic Design. Now, living in the Silicon Forest I decided to call all the major companies – Intel, Fugitsu, HP and so on. I found out something very important and why I went there. All those places (except Intel) loved ITT. They said that it is the only school that when the students get out – they are ready for work… And we all were!!

    We started out with two classes of 40 people and graduated with 11… The drop-out rate was ridiculous because most people could not handle it. Do you know why? These are the people who are just looking for a piece of paper to get a degree. They just want to get passed. I saw about 68 of them… When we went into mathimatical theories in the third month we were already down to one class of about 35 people.

    Also, during my calls, I found out that there are a lot of ITT people who won interships from MANY companies in Silicon Forest! In fact, the FBI (this is no joke) came and interviewed two candidates. It’s high octane (well my experience that was 10 years ago) and was hard… and not easy…

    I suggest know what your looking for – know what they offer – and find out if what they offer is what your city is in need for…

  30. 30 Matthew

    I attended ITT in Cincinnati and received my Associates degree. This helped open doors for me where once they were closed. Today I make 60K a year as a consultant (not sales!) I have attended “real” universities without finishing. Today I am one quarter away from completing my bachelors degree in project management from ITT online and I expect more doors to be opened for me.

    I have seen success from the education I earned at ITT because I made it happen. My degree from ITT did not get me a job, I did. I earned my degree and was able to leverage that education to make the most of opportunity.

    I am forced to wonder at whether or not the individuals who are so motivated to complain in this forum are competent or not. For me, ITT was an experience I enjoyed and have profited from. I do not regret the decision I made to attend ITT.

  31. 31 JM

    Ok, if you are college material in high school getting a relatively good grade in honor classes (pre-calculus, Chemistry, or AP classes) then stay away from ITT or any other private for-profit school. By the time you graduate High School you would have a far superior education anyway. However, if you don’t think you are going to do well in college, then ITT might be a good choice. I made the mistake of not noticing that difference and chose ITT. It was depressing going through those remedial courses. Most depressing was finding out my credits would not even transfer to other technical schools.

    The recruiter was unethical in his approach. I went through with the course eventually but it was a great lesson learned to avoid pushy sales predators from luring me into their vision of education.

    As a practical final advice: stay away from pushy recruiters and their schools. Try not-for-profit community colleges if you are unsure whether college is right for you: they are much less-expensive, better respected and give you a chance to advance if you so desired.

  32. 32 Harvestchild

    I attended ITT tech for my Associates in Criminal Justice & did not have a problem with the school until I tried to get a Bachelor’s from another institution. It was then I learned how worthless the degree was. It took me nearly a year to find a school that would actually accept some of their credits so I wouldn’t have to completely start over. In addition, I spent over 40,000 dollars on an Associates from a non-regionally accredited institution! Therefore, I do not believe that anyone determined to further his/her education elsewhere upon completion of an ITT Tech degree should attend altogether. Trust me it was a painful lesson I learned in not investigating the difference between a Nationally and regionally accredited institution. So please weigh your options before making a decision.

  33. 33 Bob


    So i have had a bad experiance with ITT, I am 45 and not a young guy! My first coarse was windows 7. The very first day the teacher walks in and says and i quote ” Ive never used windows 7 but i guess we will figure it out”. Ive been in IT for about 10 years and i had other students asking me questions on how to work things inside the OS. Please understand i want to learn but the classes are filled with young people who know they can sit there make as much noise as possible, leave in the middle of class and still make the same grade i was making working my butt off.I guess if your looking to spend alot of money to do nothing to get a degree…this place is for you! I can say if your going to learn anything it will be on your own and not in the majority of your classes. Everyday was like sitting in a 8th grade class with a sub for a teacher…there was no way i was going to learn in the class room.

    This is just my obseration

  34. 34 Sal

    Hi guys I just read your comments and it really opened my mind. I just dropped out of ITT two weeks ago, I found out the same thing you guys said. Teachers were so bad that if you showed up once, they give you a plenty of time to finish something. I just made my biGGest mustake ever. I just took 2 quarters and I feel Im the dumbest person and I did waste my time and MoneY as well. Now, I’ll think about where to go first before I make another big mistake like this.

  35. 35 matt

    I graduated in 2001 from ITT with a degree in Computer networking science technology. I guess they call it something else now. Wow, there are just so many things I could say about this place. It was just such a horrible experience in every possible way. Let me first say that I have gone back to school and received a real degree and I now have a job in my chosen profession making about 75k a year so don’t say I’m criticizing ITT because of sour grapes, I happen to be successful. My success is not because of ITT, rather it is in spite of ITT. I didn’t even put ITT on my last resume as I thought it would do more harm than good. I paid 30k for a degree that I’m too ashamed to tell potential employers about. Despite what ITT tech tells you, their degree is not respected by employers. It isnt even regionally accredited which should be a big red flag, I wish I had seen that red flag.

    The first obvious problem when I began classes was that the classes were overcrowded, people had to share computers. They told us not to worry about it. I quickly learned why. Students with some common sense figured out that that ITT was a diploma mill and dropped out in droves. By the time I graduated there were about 4 computers to 1 student. The instructors didnt take the school seriously and often ridiculed ITT themselves, this really hurt. As others have said, if a student was failing, the instructors generally did whatever was necessary to make sure they passed so that they could remain enrolled. Sometimes they were practically giving away passing grades.

    As I said it was tough for me then, but I managed to turn things around. I basically wasted 2 years of my life there. If you graduate from a respected college now you’re going to have a tough time finding a job in this economy but if you’re graduating from ITT you might as well forget about it. You’re going to have to compete for work with guys that have degrees from respected universities. If you go it ITT you’re going to be 40k in debt and have nothing to show for it. I don’t know how else to put it.

  36. 36 Yary Herrera

    Im planning to attend ITT for the HIT program but im not sure and with so many people saying negative things i do not know what to do does anybody know how they are with this program???

  37. 37 ITT Employee


    Absolutely, 100% do not attend this school. Especially if you are reading this near Austin, TX. The instructors there are lazy and have no vested interest in your success. They are there for a paycheck & I have seen them many time frequently making fun of troubled students.

    Their Schools’ Director never leaves his office. Lives and dies by e-mail and does absolutely nothing to better the school (which is unfortunate it has opportunities).

    You can expect approx a $500 montly loan payment after gradaution while averaging approximately 30k in starting salary.

    Their strategic focus is always on how they can get more students in the school and them keep them there (money in their pocket). For a technological school therir equipment & software are updated.

    If this keeps 1 person from attending this travesty then my time spent writing this was worth it!

  38. 38 deli

    FUCK ITT TECh. dont even think about it. My friend got his degree in IT program and he never got a job. they even told him in one group interview that the reason they didnt hire him was becuase Itt tech is not legit

  39. 39 Walkers


  40. 40 Perfumy

    These days of austerity plus relative anxiety about running into debt, lots of people balk against the idea of utilizing a credit card to make acquisition of merchandise or even pay for any occasion, preferring, instead to rely on the actual tried as well as trusted approach to making repayment – hard cash. However, in case you have the cash available to make the purchase fully, then, paradoxically, that’s the best time just to be able to use the card for several factors.

  41. 41 Shaelo

    I currently am attending ITT’s RN program. I feel that the school definitely is over priced and can say that I am very disappointed with the majority of my instructors. Some have been extremely qualified, while others should be sitting next to me not standing in front of me. Certain colleges just fit better with certain people/learning types. I have previously attended IPFW and Ivy Tech obtaining degrees in other fields. I was ready for something different when I made the decision to attend college once again. I like that ITT has quarters (12 weeks) instead of semesters (around 4-5 months depending). I don’t like that all text books are ‘included in tuition’ and that we are not permitted to buy used books. I don’t like that the program is currently charging a little under $57k for my ASN, when I could go to IPFW for less than half of that for the same degree with a better reputation. I also dislike the flexibility of being able to choose my own schedule/classes at my own pace. At ITT every 12 weeks you are handed a pile of books (most will never be used), and a schedule that you have no control of. ITT is extremely easier homework, exam wise than IPFW or Ivy Tech are. I do like that at ITT you take the HESI exam upfront to get into the program so that you are starting in the Nursing program your very first quarter. There is no indefinite (1 year ) waitlist to take the TEAS test and POSSIBLY get into the nursing program after 1-2 years of gen ed and pre-req’s. At ITT your gen ed is still getting completed, but is correlated in with your core classes. That is very helpful to me as it breaks things up a bit and you don’t feel as if you are spinning your wheels in gen ed hell forever. I do think that if IPFW/Ivy Tech type colleges are not your thing and you need an alternative, that ITT is a great option to consider. However, keep in mind that there are sacrifices to taking the easy road at ITT. Plan on less interaction from your professors, and more interaction independently by yourself to teach yourself and learn more on your own. I do know a few students that have graduated in that first graduating class of the RN program at ITT and they have all successfully gained employment at great pay rates! No employers ‘snubbed them’ due to their degree being from ITT versus somewhere else and they are very happy. They also had no problem passing their exit HESI exam or state boards. ITT also now ‘includes’ your first NCLEX test fee in your tuition. I hope this helps someone, as I have been a student from all aspects. Overall, ITT may be more expensive, teachers may not be as quality, but it works for me and where I am at in my life. As long as you plan to stick with it, and make sure that this is the right type of school for you before you sign up, I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

  42. 42 tito cotto

    my nsme is tito and i go to itt tech. i would say this is false information that have been put up to make the school look bad. itt tech is wounderful and u get hands on training in class they teach u everything you need to know. the difference between real college and itt tech is that in a college university u dont get hands on training you learn from a book and most jobs wont take anyone just because you dont have the experience. with itt tech you learn about your major you dont need to take the extras englishes classes or social studies unless you fail the intro test then they will reccomend that you take a class itt tech will also help you get a job we just had the congressmen form maryland come to our school to congragulate us on a wounderful school we are attending. so u can believe what u want itt tech is a wounderful school and it opens opprotunities for those out there

  43. 43 Brandy Mundy

    I am a student at Itt-Technical Institute online. Before doing this, I went to the campus in Tempe, AZ. I have to say that I loved that campus. The teachers are well qualified for their jobs. All of them have at-least a master’s degree and also plenty of work experience in their chosen field. Itt-Technical institute also offers a Criminal Justice club for its students to participate in. They have a whole lot of training to associate with your degree. They give you a criminalistics kit that includes everything you need for your courses and the campus there is very strict in the requirements for attending the courses as well as what it takes to make the grade. The teachers are all willing to work with you in your classes and make sure that you learn what you are supposed to. The only problem I have with Itt-Technical Institute is that it is highly expensive.

  44. 44 Brandy Mundy

    To be honest, it depends on what kind of student you are. I also know that other students from around the country usually end up transferring to the one in Tempe because it is the school that really live up to the ads in the television. You get everything you need at that school even if it comes with a more pricy tag than normal. When you graduate you will definitely have learned alot and the courses start out easy in the criminal justice program but they are more difficult when you get farther along and they also require more work to be done than the lower level.

  45. 45 Ailene Hine

    An attention-grabbing dialogue is price comment. I think that you must write more on this topic, it won’t be a taboo subject however usually people are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  46. 46 hoapres

    I never attended ITT Tech but the following is from the perspective of someone who has been involved in actual HIRING DECISIONS for new IT graduates in Silicon Valley.


    In this extremely grim job market, If you don’t have WORK EXPERIENCE PRIOR to graduation then you are going to have a VERY DIFFICULT TIME getting ANY IT job.

    Most “entry level” jobs now require 2 years of experience and WHERE YOU WENT TO SCHOOL is a MAJOR FACTOR.

    The simple facts are that a TOP 10 SCHOOL DEGREE from Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, Illinois, etc. are becoming necessary for even a remote chance of a decent IT career.

    IT is heavily offshored along with being infested with foreign H1Bs.

    For profit trade schools are for the most part considered a sad joke by prospective employers as institutions are judged by the WORST and not the best graduate. If I hire any graduate from Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, etc. then barring something extremely unlikely to happen then I know the job is going to get done. If I hire an ITT Tech grad then all bets are off. Right or wrong is another issue but the perception is that ITT Tech passes everybody resulting in graduates that simply can’t do the job.

    The other problem is that IT doesn’t pay very well. In many cases, you are looking at under $15 an hour without benefits and under 40 hours a week.

  47. 47 Praca Krakow

    False Advertisement ; I cant find where to enter the code. Do you acutally have winners?!

  48. 48 Professor KOz

    Please really do your homework, you are a student are you not? ITT is not for everyone, in fact it is not for just about everyone. As both an educator, business person, and former military recruiter, in almost all instances I would seriously not hire an ITT graduate. The real tragedy comes from this schools non accreditation. OH…it is accredited, through itself and other non regionally accredited schools. IF you take a course at ITT it will normally never transfer to an authentic school. If you get a degree, an employer will be suspect why anyone would (1) choose a lesser college that is non accredited, (2) what you were thinking in paying such an exorbitant amount of tuition for a near worthless degree, and (3) the rapidity and high grade point average you achieved without learning as much as you should know for the degree. As a military recruiter, if you went to a state community college, any state college, or a private regionally accredited college, and earned 45 semester hours of credit, I could put you in the military at an advance rank E-3 versus E-1…that is what a valid college will do for you. Show me an ITT transcript and I offer you nothing, it is worthless, even a degree is worthless to the military. As an educator, your ITT transcript or degree diploma is worthless if you want to go to a real state college or real private college. Getting a college degree does not require one to be a genius. I can testify to you that a college degree is more getting up every day, being consistent, studying, doing the work, and not falling behind. A person with even less than average intelligence can often excel with a high grade point average in many academic fields, IF they will work. It might take me four hours a day studying to get an A in Calculus, maybe someone else ten minutes, point is, I can still get that A if I work for it. Be smart, do yourself a service, don’t take any short cuts, you pay now or pay later, and with a short cut you will pay later. Find a good college that is “REGIONALLY” accredited, and community colleges are great places to start. Further, you can often get a degree for a fraction of what ITT, DeVRY and other non accredited, fancy marketing, super advertising, and smooth talking college recruiters tell you, and what those colleges may charge you. Good luck.

  49. 49 fred

    Ok, here’s my beef with ITT Tech.

    So when I was 18, immature and undecided on exactly what I wanted to do with my life, I dropped out of community college and WITHOUT doing any research, whatsoever, got scammed into the false hope that this place provides. All I did was call them up one day for details, and just like salesmen, they had me deaf, blind, dumb, and willing. Wow, what a terrible, awful decision that is going to impact my entire future money-wise. So for a year and a half I rode the ITT online bandwagon, and became more and more skeptical about it along the way.

    First off, let me say that you do not even have to try to pass their online ‘courses’. I attended once a week, never read through the lessons, and turned in very mediocre, half-assed assignments and pulled off an A every time. Half of the time the homework was even late. I’m sure this looks really good to employers.

    The textbooks, though you have no choice but brand new and they send to you, are old and very outdated editions. I don’t even want to know how much they charged me for them knowing that no matter where I go, they won’t trade in or sell.

    I was surrounded by illiterates. After participating in the discussion boards, I literally felt like a genius. It was amazing to see the same names of people making the same progress that I was with such terrible grammar and spelling skills. Being involved in something like that embarrasses me.

    The absolute most horrifying part, and I take 100% complete accountability for this, is that I went to school there for two years, and am $35,000 in debt. Tuition costs more than most 4 year universities per credit hour. This is something that I am going to regret my entire life, and hope that no one makes the same mistake.

    Like I had mentioned, I am not saying that none if this is my fault, all of it certainly is, but don’t let these scheming greedy for-profit jackasses fool you. Their $90,000 joke Bachelors degrees won’t get you anywhere. Please be warned. For me, it will go down as 2 years of my life wasted and a $35,000 mistake. I am currently attending community college and plan to transfer to a 4-year to get a real degree. After this expensive wake up call, I don’t plan on backing out this time.

  50. 50 BOBBIE

    Run far away! I just spent $54000.00 and graduated with honors and they wont give me my diploma because of a hesi that most cant pass! I have lost jobs and am about to lose my home because of these people! RUN RUN RUN AWAY!

  51. 51 Mike

    ITT is a big waste of your money. I taught IT at ITT in Madison Al and was so disappointed to learn how they sucker students into changing there major and baby students to come to class so they can get government education money. They don’t care about the students or the instructors and are only after the bottom line. After complaining, I was told that my military teaching background was (in so many indirect words from the Dean) not compatible with ITT. The tuition is extremely high and most of the permanent staff are incompetent and will back stab and discredit any instructors that have certifications and degrees. In most cases, the faculty have never taught college level courses and are not competent enough to teach at a real university. The integrity and ethical behavior of ITT faculty and staff are questionable at best. They are evasive and treat professional people in a rude and often arrogant approach while lying to your face. I’ve seen perfectly dedicated Doctorate and Master Degree level professionals bad mouthed, lied about and ousted because the unprofessional, unqualified staff felt threatened by competent instructors who hold students accountable and try to teach them rather than abuse them for federal grant and tuition money. Avoid this school like the plague that it is! Their degrees are not even accredited and any credits you might try to transfer to a real university are not honored…that ought to tell you something right there!

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