Henley-Putnam University Review

Henley-Putnam University is the only university that focuses specifically in military education. The school is committed to helping students develop into full-fledged military, security and intelligence professionals. Towards this end, students are given the opportunity to learn under the mentorship of an elite team that is dedicated to the students’ allegiance. They are taught skills that will help them specialize in the strategic security industry, in areas such as Intelligence Management, Protection Management and Counterterrorism. This education will teach them management and prevention of security issues.

The first name of Henley-Putnam was the California University of Protection and Intelligence Management, when it was founded. The school was created to help students learn more about the fields of intelligence and counterterrorism. Many of the founders of the school had spent years working with agencies like the CIA, FBI and the Secret Service and used their knowledge to create programs based on real-world experience. In 2007, the name of the school was changed in order to honor two Revolutionary War figures; as well as a reflection of the school’s numerous offerings. The main campus of the school is in San Jose, CA, but students can take a wide variety of courses online.

Henley-Putnam is among the very few schools that offers education totally focused in the fields of intelligence and criminal justice. Students are provided with highly relevant instruction through instructors who have vast experience and leaders in their tradecraft. All students have the advantage of partnering up with several law enforcement, military and security agencies, and obtain hands-on experience while doing their graduation program.

Faculty that teaches both on-campus and online students is highly qualified and hails from prestigious schools like Stanford, Cambridge and Yale. Before enrolling in the school’s programs, all students are subjected to background checks. This is done because the programs have to do with law enforcement and security fields. The flexibility of the online programs allow students to continue with their professions while attending virtual school. Currently, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate levels are offered. Bachelor’s and Master’s programs are offered in Protection Management, Intelligence Management and Counterterrorism. Doctorate program is offered in Strategic Security.

One of the best things about taking up these courses at Henley-Putnam is that students are not left alone to study on their own. Each and every student is paired with industry mentors and faculty to make it a huge learning experience. Access to the coursework is provided at any time of the day or night.

Henley-Putnam makes it possible for students to earn a high quality degree they need in order to advance their careers in the shortest time possible, without having to give up on their current career. The defining moment for any student interested in today’s strategic security industry is the decision taken to further their education, as that will be the beginning of a successful life.

Completing a degree from this university increases the opportunities for advancement through specialized assignments, recognition for having been a great contributor, enhanced chances of promotion and better team leadership opportunities.


Have you studied at Henley-Putnam University?

Please provide a brief review of your experience at Henley-Putnam University in the comment section to help other readers!


Here’s an updated description from Michael Angley, Senior Military Advisor to Henley Putnam. Uploaded on 10-21-13.

Henley-Putnam University is an online institution that specializes in training individuals for careers in strategic security, namely in areas like intelligence management, counter terrorism studies, and strategic security and protection management. The quality of the university’s programs is driven by faculty who have significant experience in the fields they teach. In fact, many of the university’s faculty have years of experience with the CIA, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, DIA, DSS, or NSA, not to mention strong military backgrounds. Graduated students have reported a high level of satisfaction with the higher education they receive. Another benefit that Henley-Putnam University offers is an optional program that connects students to mentors in their chosen field if they feel they would benefit from such an arrangement. Students enroll in the university from a variety of backgrounds, including military, government, law enforcement, and the corporate world.

Programs Offered

Henley-Putnam University offers bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs that can be completed entirely online. Bachelor’s and master’s programs are available in intelligence management, terrorism and counter terrorism studies, and strategic security and protection management. The university also offers a single doctoral program in strategic security, which features both an intelligence practicum and a protection practicum for a practical learning experience and fosters scholarship by requiring the completion and oral defense of a dissertation. Finally, the university offers a wide range of certificate programs, including counterterrorism, intelligence and terrorism profiling, intelligence analysis, strategic intelligence, intelligence collection, security management, and executive protection.


Henley-Putnam University is nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, Accrediting Commission, and has maintained this accreditation since 2007. The university is currently in the process of seeking regional accreditation from the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


The admissions process at Henley-Putnam University begins with a prospective student contacting the university directly and speaking with an admissions coordinator. After this initial conversation, applicants fill out enrollment documents, which will be reviewed by an enrollment committee. Applicants to bachelor’s programs must possess a high school diploma or GED, and must have completed either an associate degree or at least 15 units of transferable college-level work with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Applicants to master’s degree programs must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and demonstrate their potential for graduate level work through their undergraduate academic performance, professional experience, and other factors. Applicants to the university’s doctoral program must show that they have at least five years of experience in strategic security, submit a sample of their academic writing, and sit for an interview with the doctoral program dean. Prospective doctoral students must also have either a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree plus 30 graduate-level semester hours in strategic security or a related academic area.

Admissions Contact:

Henley-Putnam University Online
2804 Mission College Blvd, Suite 240
Santa Clara, CA 95054


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36 Responses to “Henley-Putnam University Review”

  1. Steve says:

    Sorry folks, but even though its a great looking we site, this place is a scam-the degree is worthless and unfortunately, my dealings with the University has shown that members of theirs staff are unprofessional and frankly, just not too births. Save your time and money and go to a real school. Telling an employer you went to this place has all of the impart of goingto a diploma mill.

  2. Concerned Prospective Student says:

    You know you are in trouble when the president of an online school clams a questionable Ph.d. Per the HPU web site the president and co-founder got a Ph.D for a Newport University, Newport Beach, Ca.

    Per Wiki:
    Newport University is a private university located in Newport Beach, California. It was founded in 1976 and is approved by the State of California Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education[2], which is not an accreditation agency. This should not be confused with accreditation, as Newport University is not accredited by any agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. The university comprises the schools of Business Administration, Behavioral Sciences and Law.

    Translation: The supposed Ph.D in question looks la little suspicious.

  3. Jon says:

    Please explain how an accredited degree in the strategic security field is a scam. HPU’s instructors are all highly experienced and the school is recognized by the Department of V.A. and DETC. Their undergraduate degrees are accepted toward graduate programs at other Universities. And I love how someone quotes Wikipedia as a reliable source.

  4. Bryan Martin says:

    For anyone who has questions about this place I’d be more than willing to answer them. I’ve attended 4 different state, local, and online universities and I would vouch for this one above all of the rest. I earned my B.S. in Intelligence Management from Henley-Putnam and it was a very rigorous couple of years. For anyone that has doubts, the accreditation is more than acceptable for Yale’s graduate school (who wrote me confirming the validity of DETC and HPU in particular). It has earned me a seat in interviews with agencies that I’m not allowed to name and I sit on an Air Force Officer Board next week. If it is good enough for the above organizations then I could care less about the nay-sayers. If you’re interested in quality education and you have the means, then this is top notch. I’ll not defend the price for anything worth having will be hard to get.

    Please feel free to write me at: three_days_complete@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

  5. Bob says:

    First Question….How many people with a degree from this school has the CIA hired?

    Trust me, the agency is not looking for people with an intelligence specific education. They have their own University and a 16 week Career Analyst program to teach you their tradecraft.

    The agency is looking for people with excellent educations from top schools. Usually with Master Degrees.

    They also like people with military experience, who speak a critical foreign language and who have lived overseas.

    Most importantly, they are looking for people that can pass their strict security background investigations.

    That means no foreign relatives, spouses, property, dual citizenships, no bad credit, criminal history, or most importantly…..current or recent (7 years) drug use…..which means that most people that go to this school are out right off the bat becaues people who pay for these degree must have been high when they signed up.

  6. Bryan Martin says:

    Bob, I didn’t apply to the CIA. I didn’t apply because the Air Force accepted me and I’m just waiting on my school date. Apparently the “drugs” paid off.

  7. AL says:

    Bob, Do you work for a foreign Service? You seem very interested in this University. Why?

  8. Justin B says:

    Bryan M. I saw you post on other websites and it looks like you just copy and paste. But you say you was accepted by the Air Force ummm they take volunteers not that hard to get accepted to that.

  9. Dale says:


    Your response to Bryan M regarding his acceptance into the US Air Force demonstrates your total ignorance on the subject of the US military or any allied Western miltary for that matter. Though the US military is an all volunteer force the process of becoming a commissioned officer whether in the Marines, Air Force, Army, Navy or Coast Guard is a long and daunting process. One doesn’t join the service to become an officer rather one applies to participate in a long and rigorous selection process and if fortunate, succeeds only to commence the training. Education, civic citizenship, physical fitness and moral character are major factors considered while undergoing the selection process. Many apply and many are unsuccessful. I suspect you are an American and yet you fail to recognize the talent of those who have served your country with honour and devotion. The likes of your most famous military leaders such as General Macarthur, General Patton, General Schwarzkopf, Admiral Nimitz (and the list goes on) were not only extraordinary individuals but learned men who graduated from the repective military academies of the US which I hope you realize is no easy feat in and of itself.

    I am a Canadian and many of my family served as professional soldiers and have worked side by side with American military personnel. We have always served with our US friends with mutual respect. I have also done some research on Henley Putnam University and I must say that though I don’t know all of the ‘ins and outs’ of the school you could benefit from some of the courses listed on the curriculum. You might actually learn something about the US military and understand how insulting your comments such as those directed at Bryan M can be!!!



  10. Gil Anon. says:

    I have reviewed the course of instruction and have spoken personally to the President of HPU. As I have served in several capacities and held (as do currently) positions of trust with our favorite Uncle, I was surprised at the reception I recieved from various agencies and other Universities when I mentioned HPU. The National Defense Intelligence College Network does accept the HPU degrees for post graduate studies. And if your currently working in the field as I am, this degree translates your current hands on experience and knowledge into something substantial. I am sure with DETC acceptance this will eventually graduate to many of the regional/state accreditations as did DeVry, ITT and several other institutions. I have done my due dilligence and can verify that HPU does employ former and current Federal/State/Local Law Enforcement and Intelligence personnel. I do not like that a education in this form is more “mainstream” and easy access as HPU’s enrollment is. But I have been assured that the enrollment process includes a background check (which suprised me). IF this was in fact a diploma mill as some of its critics have suggested, I wondered how HPU has access to the level of background information available they seem to have acces to.

    US Army’s Inscom highly recommends the HPU degree program as does USAF OSI, DIA and other organziations such as those mentioned. The fact that having attended a well established and know four year ivy league institution does not give you the “culture of intelligence/Law Enforcement” as HPU does. For those who are still OCONUS, working on going or just are returning and have the time, I recommend HPU for the individual seeking a degree with a sight specific goal.

  11. Nick says:

    Just out of interest……does Henley Putnam send you guys an e-mail of all the places to review them at? OR do you do this on your own? I’m seeing a lot of repeat posts on all the sites that review online colleges? I don’t want to spend $28k on an education before I know that I’m getting an honest review of this place….

  12. In the "sandbox" says:

    Bob and Justin:
    You both sound like left wing liberals that do not appreciate anything that doesn’t revolve around you. I’m guessing that you think Health Care Reform is going to save our country. Honestly, does either one of you have any positive experiences with the military or the intelligence profession?
    The fact that OGAs, and distinguished universities will accept credits from HPU is an accomplishment for any size institution especially one that specializes in a very “narrow” field. So, what your “beef” with HPU? Really!

  13. Liza P says:

    Sounds like Steve didn’t get accepted to HPU, or better yet failed out. I attended HPU while living in the US and now attend one of the top ranked schools in Great Britain (ranked 10th out of 120 Universities in the UK). It is very sad that people feel the need to slander such a great school like HPU based on their own drama with the school. I know several people with degrees from HPU that have gone on to further academic success, both in the US and otherwise.

    Bryan – I love your comments, “Bob” was very arrogant and rude with his comments; he clearly does not work for the CIA (if he does, he is of no credit to them). Good luck with your AF Officer appointment, it is an achievement indeed!

  14. Jerry Clark says:

    I was reviewing the BS, Intelligence Management and I see that the total credits equal up to 90 units, I thought a bachelors degree requires 120 credit hours. I just curious because I do not see any portion that covers general education (i.e. math, english, science, etc).

  15. FALSE says:

    HPU degrees are good as “continued education” bases. However, a nationally accredited degree is not accepted at any regionally accredited graduate program.

    GIL Anon, congradulations on “hearing yourself talk”. You should probably not be working in any intelligence capacity for the US Government given your lack of research ability. HPU does not do background checks without notifying applicants and because I have contacts in-the-know, I am 100% certain that they do not run background checks on applicants.

  16. Peter says:

    Just so you all know, the CIA is hardly an intelligence agency that anyone can get into. They are too prestigeous. To get there, you have to work for a “lesser” company in the intel field, and get somewhere with it, all of which these degrees help a great deal. The CIA not hiring people from this university does not merit nor discredit its education.

  17. Counter Intelligence says:

    So, I hope it is not only me that sees through the bull crap that the anti-HPU comments present. Two things stick out. One, their grammar is an F grade. Two, and more important, it is negative propaganda against HPU. Note too hard to see their agenda.
    Amateurs… but their host country has to give them somewhere to start. And I thought they had a “better” education, but, appears as they have below a 3.0 GPA.

  18. Pissing contest witness says:

    Wow, you guys are a bunch of D-bags.. Just do your own research and stop measuring each others genitalia.. Perhaps finishing junior high might be your first step..

  19. PH says:

    I recently watched a panorama documentary featuring Gen. Hayden (former head of the NSA) and Bart Bechtel (one of the HPU instructors). I think having Gen. Hayden endorsing HPU and they work they do should probably silence the critics. Clearly the culture of fear around here extends to whether accredited university courses are scams or not. Go do a boolean search for Hayden NEAR Bechtel if you still doubt.

    To the gentleman who said he was 100% sure they don’t do background checks, you are 100% wrong (or malicious). I have just been approached to provide vetting information on a prospective student in my capacity as their manager. (Which is why I researched HPU and found this site!)

  20. Interested Party says:

    I am interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Intelligence studies either from HPU or American Military University. Thank you for all of your inputs, namely Peter. My main objective is a career with the CIA, and am afraid to spend even more money on a degree that will prove useless. Thank you for putting this into perspective.

  21. Chris W says:

    This school is actually recommended by the Air Force as a Higher Education Provider. They are part of the Air Univ. Associates to Bacholers program. I am in the process of transferring my Community College of the Air Force Associates Degree over to them and working on my Bacholers in Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Studies

  22. Scott K says:

    Jerry – The reason you dont see the core classes (math, english, etc.) is that according to thier website you have to have completed these through another school and have those credits transfered. The focus on the “major” reqirements so those classes are not given through HPU. I currently work in the intel community and everbody that I have talked to in a variety of companies and agencies have said the not only accept HPU degrees, but are very happy to see that a perticular candidate has completed thier degrees at this school f ocusing on the intelligence community. This input has helped me decide to attend the school to further my career goals. Good luck to all of you that are looking to attend this school.

  23. Erich says:

    Since when do people plod through college to work at the CIA? The real people who are taking these online porgrams are the ones who are working contracts and in the military. The government just wants us to have the degrees and check the block, they don’t really care where we get them from because they know we already have a lifetime of knowledge and experience. If you are trying to go to online school to get into the CIA you might as well give up…you will never make it…why don’t you go join the military and get the experience for free and have them pay for these online degrees. And to all the people bashing online/distance education –> GET A LIFE! Most of us who do online/distance education work fulltime…defending your freedom to blabber on in this forum..

  24. Zach says:

    The staff and administration in general seems to have exceptional work experience and solid education credentials. Michael Corcoran PhD., President of the University and Co-Founder, has work experience including serving as an agent in the Secret Service for 10 years as well as starting his own business security assessment and training company in 1988. He has a BS from UCLA in Behavioral Studies. He received a “PhD” from Newport University which has the required approval to operate (must be renewed every three years) which only confirms that they do teach classes and grade tests but it is not accredited. His business is supposedly located in Newport Beach. Business Directories have it listed at various retail strip center address. Unsurprisingly, none of them have a business there by the name of Workthreat Group. The phone number listed on their website traces to El Toro, CA, which is about 30 minutes away. He also worked in unspecified law enforcement capacity for 20 years. He has been cited by some local newspapers as an expert commentator. He is listed in the American Red Cross of Orange County’s Disaster Preparedness Academy ’03 Faculty Directory. Workthreat Group often provides lecture and course material for HPU.

    I don’t know what to make of his company or of his Newport University PhD but he seems to have a good deal of work experience.

  25. James says:

    HPU and AMU both offer degrees in the Intelligence field, and both are ok schools. And yes HPU says 90 credits. But you are required to bring 30 GE credits with you. AMU will let you transfer credits, or take them in house. AMU offers post grad certs in Asymmetric Warfare, which will smoke your brain… I don’t care who you are……and its fully tits in the private world.

    If an employer “throws your resume in the trash” because you have an AMU or HPU degree than they are retarded. Universities are fashion shows anyway….. Nobody cares where you went to school, they just want to see that you can make a commitment and follow through with something and your not totally hopeless.

    I’m not going to jump thru hoops and say they are the best of the best. But a lot of you guys think you just leave school and your Jason Bourne……. that’s not the case. HPU and AMU give you the ground you need to build on. The absolute basics. All of your trade and techniques will be learned if and when you get accepted to wherever you are trying to go. If you want to be an analyst or whatever…. doesn’t matter, you have to build from some sort of course/theory. Just to understand the history and concept of intelligence.

    A lot of the people posting on here really have no idea what they are talking about.
    Relax. If you don’t like the schools, go somewhere else. It’s not your degree. Go where you want to go and don’t discredit people’s choice for wanting to go to school.

  26. Andrew W says:

    Hey Chris W, not sure if you’re gonna be notified by this, but I’m in the same position you were when you posted this, and I’d like to talk to you about your experience so far with HPU. Please e-mail me @ andrewillard_09@hotmail.com

  27. Andrew W says:

    Or could the moderator please put me in touch with Chris W since they have access to the e-mail addresss?

  28. Terry L Dawson says:

    Will anyone speak to how some of these comments have alerted HPU Communication Liaisons? HPU, rightly; need not defend itself against “muck-wreckers” – but it would be interesting to know how wide their “net” is, especially if responding to misinformation. I am researching the general age and general background for enrolled students, their comments. Where do interested HPU prospects really go to talk? My limited research seems to suggest, the more comments rebutting negative comments, the more educational value one can actually secure from a conversational college. How can anyone say; whom- I must assume is commenting from their right mind: suggest that $28k is an expensive education for a Masters Degree? Is that not about 15 to 25% lower than most MB schools offering a ” narrow career field specialization education program”? Am I looking at the wrong general cost structures, for common, good quality schools that offer “narrow career field educational MB programs? Thank you for these comments, everyone. I am leaning toward this school, rather than Capella.

  29. Jared F. says:

    I am currently enrolled in the M.S. Counterterrorism program at HPU and I have never learned so much, so fast. I strongly recommend this university to anyone who is eager to break into or continue in the strategic security field.

  30. Domain says:

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  31. Tommy Nakalukchuk says:

    The first rule of Henley-Putnam, is that you don’t talk about Henley-Putnam.

  32. New Grad says:

    Bryan and Gil, you are only serving to disrupt the reputation of the school by running your proverbial mouths about it. If the intelligence disciplines they instruct you in are of high quality at all, you wouldn’t be on here blathering about all of the characteristics of the school. Concurrently, I highly doubt OGA would appreciate you defending their reputation in this manner, which is what astonishes me about them granting you an interview.

  33. april kohanim says:

    Interested in knowing about your masters program in intelligence.

  34. Troy says:

    A lot of comments and information to think about but the bottom line is, what do your really want to do with your degree? If you want a good education into the specific trade-craft they teach, H-PU might be the school for you…although I would compare their instructors to AMU’s. If you are concerned if your degree will allow you to enter the teaching profession, transfer to another school, get a better job – then think twice because right or wrong society views regionally accredited degrees as more valid than nationally accredited degrees. For one of the most objective pieces I have seen on H-PU yet, I would refer readers to http://www.go4learning.org/henley-putnam-university-scam/ – good luck.

  35. Martin Kabba says:

    Hi my name is Martin Kabba, I just had a few question’s about HPU. I am currently in the army with about a year and eight months left on my contract. I currently have a B.A. degree from the University of South Carolina in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I was looking into the M.S. program in Protective Management. As you know their are some concern’s from my side about HPU. My goal out of all this would be lading a job with the secret service or Immigration and Customs Enforcement after I leave the military. What would anyone recomend in my situation, I would greatly appreciate a response thanks.

    Martin Kabba

  36. Martin Kabba says:

    Here is my email if anyone has some good information for me Martinkabba@yahoo.com.

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