Full Sail Real World Education College Review

Full Sail attracts students from all over the world with a passion for music, film, animation, design and animation. The school provides an environment that is one of the biggest entertainment production facilities on the planet. Students get a chance to work with a community of like-minded peers. They are taught to balance the traditional artistic aspects of the programs with technologies that are cutting-edge. Graduates from Full Sail are equipped with the required knowledge and skills they need in order to build their careers working on what they love. They also stay connected to the industry by supporting industry conventions and local film festivals.

Full Sail was founded in 1979 by John Phelps and initially it was a place where students could learn everything about recording, mixing as well as marketing music. But over the years, the school has added a host of programs in a wide variety of entertainment, media and computer based careers. Full Sail is located in Orlando, Florida, which is one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. In addition to the beautiful weather and beaches, it features a thriving entertainment industry. The annual Florida Film Festival provides the necessary outlet for the students. Full Sail is home to more than 5000 students from all the U.S. states and 37 other countries worldwide. Students are given access to high-end technology and equipment that is used in the current entertainment industry.

Full Sail students take courses in a different way when compared to all other colleges. The schedule for classes is 24/7, and students may have classes and labs at different times throughout their academic sessions. These courses are aimed at preparing students to take up their chosen careers successfully after completion of their studies. Programs begin every month, which is extremely convenient and gives a chance for students to start preparing for their degrees as early as possible. The school offers 15 Master of Science, Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science Degrees related to the field of entertainment media.

Full Sail announced its first online degree program in 2007, which is Entertainment Business Master’s Degree. All the programs are offered at Full Sail’s campus are not offered for online students. Online students are offered management related programs and not the programs that delve into the creative side of things. Students studying online do have several options such as; Master of Science in Entertainment Business, Master of Science in Internet Marketing, Master of Science in Education Media Design & Technology, Bachelor of Science in Internet Marketing, Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business. The school also allows students to take up the accelerated education and the degree programs, which can be completed in less than half the time of a normal college degree.

Unlike many other colleges, Full Sail’s tuition fee covers all other expenses, including course manuals and other study material are provided at no extra cost. The student advisors are always there to help students with whatever they need, right from the admissions to the actual course to the completion of their degrees.


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3 Responses to “Full Sail Real World Education College Review”

  1. Eric says:

    It is intriguing to see the mentality, demeanor and character of those who disapprove of Full Sail University. The prevailing lack of grammatical refinement is just one of many attributes of such individuals.
    Full Sail University’s curriculum as well as it’s comparably lax academic restrictions (i.e. no minimum ACT/SAT score required) combine to form an inherent appeal to prospective students with less aggressive work ethic (i.e. lazy).
    Full Sail Admissions Directors meet personally with each student, either over the phone or in person (or both) prior to admission, to determine student-to-school compatibility and passionate desire for success.
    The students that succeed are those who are capable of success in the industry. Those who are self motivated and aggressively pursue their goals and dreams will greatly succeed at Full Sail University.
    Employees of various companies within the actual industry are expected to do their job professionally, on time and without complaint. Full Sail University expects no less from the students it invests it’s time in, and who will one day bear it’s name as their institution of education.
    For examples, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Sail_University – see Full Sail University Alumni & Productions.
    Full Sail University weeds out the amateurs.

  2. fsisbs says:

    I’ve tried posting here a couple times…. maybe third time’s a charm.

    Eric, what the heck are you smoking? Full Sail sets the academic bar incredibly low. Sadly, some graduates write at the level of a sixth grader. This has little to do with the student, but a lot to do with the quality of instruction. I’ve sat though Full Sail’s “creative writing” and “storytelling” classes and they are run like a daycare. Little to no interaction between instructor and student except for reminders to stay awake and stay off facebook. No one should pay $2400 for that level of education. Full Sail charges $80,000 for a subpar education. Students are graduating with worthless degrees and a huge burden of debt. A lot of the debt is federal loans. And as a taxpayer, I find this offensive.

  3. Burt Moustache says:

    It is interesting to see corporate tools hired by FS show up on random sites and still try and play up this scam of an institution.

    The students that succeed are those who are capable of success in the industry.

    Ya think that one up by yourself there, Chomsky?

    Like Eric Chomsky says, if you are motivated, don’t waste time and money on Full Sail. You already have all the tools you need to succeed. Get a non paid internship (FS counts those as after school placement). They totally prepare you for that, teaching you to make coffee with bottled water and for the inevitable SSL9000 “ET Phone Home” trick. There, I just saved you 30 grand. Now spend 4 hours practicing rolling up audio cable lol. An absolute joke of a school. It would be interesting if their insurance company would force random drug tests on the staff…

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