Florida Tech University Review

Florida Tech is an independent technological university that provides students quality education, develops an interest in learning, encourages intellectual curiosity, a sense of belonging and shared purpose in the students, faculty and staff. Students are instilled with further knowledge through basic and applied research and are given the confidence that will help them in their academic careers and their personal lives. The school boasts of a culturally diverse student body from around the world.

Florida Tech was founded in 1958 by Dr. Jerome P. Keuper to offer continuing education to engineers, scientists and technicians working for NASA. It was then called Brevard Engineering College. The university moved to the current location in 1961. The name was officially changed to Florida Institute of Technology as an acknowledgement of its growing recognition as a scientific and technological university. The main campus is in Melbourne, Florida with the school’s satellite campuses in Virginia, New Jersey, Alabama as well as some more in Florida. The college received accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in the year 1964. The university’s first online program was launched in 1972 in Maryland when the U.S. Navy requested for it. Now, there is a Virtual Graduate Center that extends master’s level degrees for students studying from home.

More than 37,000 students who having earned their degrees from Florida Tech confirm the commitment of the university to developing professionals and leaders in the fields of sciences, engineering, psychology, business and aviation. The school has been raked well on a consistent basis by U.S. News & World Report and its aerospace programs work together with NASA. This sort of exposure works wonders for a student. Graduates can very easily find employment in the ever growing technology sector in Florida, as there are thousands of high-tech corporations in the area.

The school’s Virtual Campus offers more than 25 graduate degree programs and certificate programs that can be taken up from any part in the world, using the internet. The highly sought graduate programs offered are; Professional Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration, M.S. Human Resources Management, M.S. Logistics Management, M.S. Acquisition and Contract Management, M.S. Management, M.S. Material Acquisition Management, M.S. Project Management, M.S. Operations Research and M.S. Computer Information Systems. The graduate certificate programs include; Business Management, eBusiness, Contact Management, Information Systems Management, Human Resources Management, Program Management, Systems Management, Quality Management, Transportation Management, Material Acquisition Management and Logistics.

The online study offers a great deal of flexibility to the students, eliminating the need to attend a traditional classroom. It allows them the freedom to pursue their professions while furthering their education. The same top level faculty resources and technologies are offered through the classes taught in the Virtual Campus, as the ones offered on the campus. Students looking to balance their professional commitments with personal obligations would be greatly benefited by the well-rounded faculty and the professional administrative leadership, who help bring the university’s resources and expertise to a wide community of working professionals.


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  1. john fitzgerald says:

    I am finishing my third class with this “college”, and if I had not already invested $6000 so far, I would drop this place like a bad habit. STAY AWAY!

    My VERY first class I was ripped off my University Alliance “counselor”. I asked for the ISBN for the book for the class, my counselor, told me it was a “special” book that couldnt be purchased anywhere but through University Alliance. So I believed him and spent $200 on a book.

    When I received the book in the mail, I checked the ISBN and found it on Amazon for $60! I called customer service (which didnt pick up the link the first 5 times I called) only to be told that John’s manager was “out”. These people are SCAM ARTISTS!! STAY AWAY!! Go somewhere else, anywhere else is better than this place!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just finished my first class, and it will be my last class. I had a introduction to information systems class. While it is an intro class, some of the questions were excessively easy (one question was “what is a virus?”) Other questions made no sense, other questions had incorrect answers. Most questions were poorly worded and some even had spelling errors.I emailed the professor about one question, stating the answer was incorrect, I even pointed out what page in the book the information was on. The professor all but admitted he was wrong and refused to give credit for the question. Quite frankly this education is a joke, and is excessively expensive ($2000 a class). If you want a real education I suggest you go elsewhere.

  3. Sam says:

    After I turned in everything that was needed to begin FL Tech, I was told to go ahead and start my 1st MBA class. They said that I haven’t been approved yet but not to worry because everything was a green light. The delay of acceptance was because they were overwhelmed with last minute applications. I go through half the class, write papers, take quizzes….then one night when I tried to log in, I was told I was blocked. I was sent an email days later stating that I was not approved because my GPA was a 2.0.

    I withdrew & the tuition was taken cared of. No problem. I started in Spring 2009, so I thought everything was okay. The silly university sends me an invoice last week….over a year later…stating the books were not returned so I have to pay over $200! I told them that if I had known I was suppose to send them back, I would have. They said it was in the agreement. They didn’t even send me a notice to get the books back. I know part of this is my fault for not reading the agreement, but I thought I was a student because I was taking the tests before the notice came to inform me I wasn’t accepted.

    Stay away from this place. They cost too much money & there are many other universities that show professionalism and makes sure you’re accepted before you start class.

    Waste of time and money!

  4. John says:

    Finished Florida Tech online MSIT degree in December 09. First of all I was forced to use the Student Loan company they chose, even though I had student loans set up from a regional lender, I was told I had no choice ” I would not be able to start the classes until I financed through Ed South. Next bad experience, I was in a class that was impossible to teach online, (Systems Modeling) since the professor (who works for FIT Online) gave very little attention to anyone, rarely returned emails. I told him I was considering dropping the course, which you have to do after the first week, or you lose almost Half of your money, but he talked me into staying for another week, so it didn’t matter at that point. I emailed all of the students in the class to ask if they understood what was going on and they did not. Only 3 People out of 25 finished the class. I told the professor I needed help before the mid-term and he turned me down. I had no choice but to drop the class after the mid-term. After that semester, Florida Tech dropped the class from the curriculum, I asked for a refund, and the same lousy professor who taught the class was the same FIT administrator who got to turn down my request, even after I petitioned to the Dean of FIT.

    The moral of the story is that it is impossible to teach some things online. Most of the courses were fine, but all of the Information Technology courses were not taught well at all. They use pre-recorded videos and books to try and teach you how to administer a network or database?? They could easily set up a collaborative, interactive voice conference/web session once a week to and walk you through the nuts and bolts of Security, Databases etc., but you get a pre-recorded online powerpoint instead. Computers require much more hands on learning! You get very little attention from FIT online professors and they try to pond you off to other students in online discussions boards and such. No hands-on experience, except MS Project. No career counseling or inclusion in hiring events. They reset your email and passwords constantly, so each semester it is like you are starting over. I was missing important emails, between each class, since they ditched email forwarding and didn’t bother to tell anyone!!!

    Use you money more wisely than this. I think they would be a great school to attend in Brick and Mortar fashion, but Online MSIT not very practical and no hands-on experience. They are money grubbers!

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