Benedictine University Review

Benedictine University in keeping with its tradition of creating individuals who can fulfil their role in the chosen professional field as well as in the communities, offers online programs that make lifelong learning accessible to students from different backgrounds and with various goals.

Students taking their online courses will have complete access to reference materials and coursework online at any time of the day or night throughout the week. Virtual meetings are conducted for students to interact with their teachers and classmates, online office hours are maintained, chat groups are created, with the quality of education the same as the on-campus students receive. Students can make use of these numerous resources in creating a beautiful life for themselves in the future.

This University was founded in 1887 and was associated with the Roman Catholic Church and Benedictine Order. A group of Benedictine monks from Chicago wanted to take up the mission of educating people that were of Czeck and Slovak descent in their community, as they were discriminated against at other educational institutions. Initially, they named it St. Procopius College, which was rechristened Benedictine University later. The school is located in Lisle, IL and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). Students come from a variety of nationalities and religious backgrounds and the school focuses on liberal arts education and career-focused preparation. The campus has all the modern facilities possible and offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs both on-campus and online.
The school is ranked high by the U.S. News and World Report for its Master’s programs and for having one of the most diverse student bodies on the campus.

Benedictine University focuses on the traditions founded by St. Benedict and this philosophy encourages students to work as a community, to strive to be the best at school, to become balanced individuals and good citizens. There are a wide range of academic qualifications available at Benedictine University Online. They offer MBA degrees with several specializations; such as Marketing, Finance, Health Administration, International Business and Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation. The Master of Public Health degree offers two areas of specialization; Disaster Management and Administration of Health Care Institutions. Students who are ambitious can also complete dual degrees in MBA/MPH, to increase their marketability and eligibility for better careers. The school also has great Reading and Literacy and Master of Education programs meant for teachers who wish to make an impact on the American school systems.

The numerous alumni benefits provided by the school are – free access to financial analysis, free job site, mortgage discounts as well as access to the Benedictine University Library and others.
All online options offered and their quality, are the same as provided on-campus. Students are given the personal attention they deserve by ensuring the class sizes remain small. Coursework is delivered to the students online through various means and students can obtain their Masters of Business Administration or other degrees studying at their convenience.

Benedictine University believes in equal opportunities for all and towards this end, strives to provide the best a student can get.



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    I want to be a Student of the university. I Want to be a teacher

  2. ggg says:

    Don’t even pretend to be interested. I’ve been getting non stop calls and emails from these people for 8 months. I’m in a different school. Stop calling.

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